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Telling the natural history of the arrival of the young William Shakespeare in punk rock stage theater and the 16th century in London the seductive, violent, where his talent in the face of public unrest, religious and shows fans first. E “is described as a modern version of Shakespeare’s life, interpreted contemporary soundtrack that all its irresponsibility, lustful temptations, and glare reveals. Attracted by the naive genius is Alice Will Burbage, talented daughter, beautiful and rebellious James Burbage, a carpenter with a vision to build the first theater in London since Roman times. Despite being the daughter of a businessman, Alice is prohibited by the company to pursue a career in theater. His brother Richard Burbage is innate talent, but also in love with himself and with a tendency to exaggerate. a chance meeting in the theater led him to work with a will in what quickly became the largest association actors and writers the world has ever seen.

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Genre: Drama

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