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Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starring Sultan is a sports drama that revolves around personal and professional lives Sultan Ali Khan. The 50-year-old will play the role of Sultan Ali Khan, a fighter. He wins after a lot of struggle in life. His hunting down and out has weaknesses, are followable to human. Sultan Ali Khan has flaws and will be punished. Since Sultan points, and provides a solid player weight. It is not that the Sultan did not fight the abundance of familiar tropes. Here are your weak samples appears as a Jat Sultan kids from nowhere and became world champion very soon. There is a little “sweat and tears involved in the formation, but not too much, because, hey, this is Bollywood.

It is a love story with fun songs and dialogue but the girl in question, starring Anushka Sharma brilliantly him a fighter himself. and ” a woman with ambition, and has published rosy “mothers” and “sisters” in patriarchal Jutland. The carrier may be, but the star is stuck in the middle. Swelling of threats background music also pamper the most effective parts, which is something that most of the films should be considered, especially if management is ready to get down and dirty. Salman has perfected the first, heart of gold; pieces of human children at the expense of promoting their ability to be a patriot with flags that can beat English rivals are talking to the smooth mass. Here, take it on, is grizzled and gray, and admits he was over forty and for the top, battered, bloody, but without bending. It is a result of a great body, wholly obtained, and Salman Khan’s shoulders.

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Genre: Drama

Duration: 143 min

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IMDb: 7.8