My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days

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A more whimsical, quasi-autobiographical romp din master intellectual romantic opera! Love French pop star Jacques Dutronc genius computer programmer is diagnosed with a terminal brain disease, and Sophie Marceau is the main attraction surreal disco talkative mentalist act. Approaching rolling torrid romance between May and September (mirroring Zulawski and the marriage itself Marceau), both are moving through their childhood traumas, while at the same time, the races while to save Lucas understanding language. Poetic party pastel and neon are not only visually, but also the nights surprised by his exuberant word play – the only way that Luke is able to fight with his own mind, gradually evaporating rhyme says more and metaphorical ornaments, until the whole world will not be a great foodie, Zulawskian word association game.

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Genre: DramaRomance

Duration: 110 min

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IMDb: 6.2