Island City

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The film follows three series of dramatic stories in Mumbai. The first is an employee in the office prolific winning office “Price Fun ‘Committee, which entitles you to a full day of fun. He is the most reluctant to leave the safety of his cell, but he needs. The modules that fun must be completed and failure is not an option … the second story begins with a head-of-the-ruling family, Anil, who in intensive care. Looking for a little help, his family decided to buy a TV, Anil had banned. Now every night is linked to the family of a popular soap opera where the hero has Purshottam become a great man in all respects and damage. Then, suddenly, he comes news that Anil is better and can quickly home. Will they have to go Purshottam? … the third focuses on repetitive Aarti whose existence is gradually becoming more and more mechanical and unfeeling. Inside a yeast and disconnect the disadvantage of not being able to articulate to anyone.

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Genre: Drama

Duration: 108 min

Quality: Trailer

IMDb: 6.3