Dil Sala Sanki

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Since Badal was eight, I was in love with violence. As a model, choosing the head of the local mafia, Bachcha Babu. As it grows, increased passion Bachcha Babu Badal. One day, by chance, you have the opportunity to join the gang Baccha Babu. He meets a girl named Megha and her head falls for her at first sight. But they want him to do with him. Megha’s father, Sharmaji, a public school teacher, discovers that Badal is difficult Megha. With the help of his friend, journalist Bachcha Babu, he comes and tells him that Badal creates problems in the life of his daughter. Bachcha Babu assured the reporter that from now Badal care about Megha and her family. During the events, Bachcha Babu is Megha and discovers that he wants himself – at any price. Bachcha Babu is married to the point of killing his wife Megha. If Badal told that Bachcha Babu is so fond of Megha.

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Genre: Romance

Duration: 110 min

Quality: DVD

IMDb: 6.8