A Wedding Invitation

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High moot sweethearts QiaoQiao and Li Xing are not quite to graduate from academic world and Li Xing surprises QiaoQiao since than a marriage proposal. QiaoQiao, however, declines the proposal, offering rash arguments as to why he’s not ready. Little does he know, QiaoQiao has a devastating unnamed. Nonetheless, they write a fracture-going on conformity; if they’not far and wide afield off from both single in five years, they’ll profit married. The two share ways and five years p.s.. Believing Li Xing is yet waiting for her, QiaoQiao waits patiently for his call. But subsequent to Li Xing finally does entre her it’s to invite her to his wedding. QiaoQiao is flabbergasted and is certain to win her former ember sponsorship at any cost-even while the unnamed that goaded them apart lingers. Can their admire in fact be reignited?

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Genre: DramaRomance

Duration: 101 min

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IMDb: 6.0