Saheb Bibi Golaam

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One of the best films of Bengal in a long time, Shaheb Bibi is a tricky film Golaam jump from one type to another with greater ease in moving a great achievement of another. Without a hint of complaint or continually trying to educate the public, who speaks Bengali horror movies and other modern fooled Shaheb Bibi Golaam is an act of pure passion and honesty of the manager. Playing with the structure connects the film wire different story when catastrophic. All entrants, including those in the role of a number of cases, are the highest of the match, highlights incredible, even if the songs sound different than the movie. But overall, the film is a pioneer and must travel to the rest of the country for the quality and type of cut and treatment.

Views: 498

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 2h 1min

Quality: DVD

IMDb: 6.2